Our mission:

The Yolanda Moore Foundation supports ambitious young people aged 15 – 24 from London, Dorset, Hampshire and Otago (New Zealand) with funding, mentoring and practical help. Inspired by the life and passions of Yolanda Moore, we seek to carry on her ambition to inspire young people to pursue their passions. We particularly seek to help disadvantaged ambitious young people who do not have the opportunities and support that Yolanda did. Whether needing help to pursue a course, begin an internship, get a flight to your next sports tournament or get a new suit for an interview, we’re here to help. We also seek to help young people who are passionate about helping others and make the world a better place, we provide support for them to travel and pursue voluntary experiences. 

We provide three main kinds of funding:

  1. Vocational or Educational support – This refers to funding short course fees, funding travel to a course, funding an Internship (including travel), funding for an apprenticeship, funding for course materials such as books or equipment, funding for vocational materials such as books, tools or equipment. 
  2. Funding to support others – This refers to funding travel to aid a voluntary/charitable experience, supporting you whilst completing a voluntary/charitable experience, general funding related to your work voluntary or otherwise supporting others.
  3. Funding for personal support or development – This refers to funding for sporting activities, musical pursuits, including travel or equipment, funding to support yourself personally including personal items such as laptops or phones, clothes etc.

We don’t fund subsistence, university fees or living expenses – we want to support you with the things that can be seen as “extra” but will make all the difference to you moving forward with your career or studies.

We simply want to help young people aged 15 – 24 to realise their dreams and potential and, in turn, have a wonderful impact on their communities and make a difference to others.

If you think we can help you, have a look at our “Apply” page.


Landy’s Locker

We’re helping young people hit the slopes with an initiative to share gloves, hats, socks, every bit of woolly this or that which keeps those fingers and toes warm.

Thanks to our friends at Treble Cone we were able to make contact with two Wanaka Primary schools who had attended Yolanda’s skiing lessons. They were really excited about the idea and we made a grant of $2,000 to each school in 2020.

Meet Milly...

We helped Milly fund her Arabic lessons so she can continue her volunteer work with refugees abroad

Milly is learning Arabic in order to continue her work with refugees – in 2016 she spent a few weeks volunteering in Calais and was introduced to working in the humanitarian sector. In 2017, after graduating from university, she went to Samos Island, Greece, and spent 9 months volunteering with Samos volunteers, an NGO working to support those caught up in the refugee crisis unfolding at Europe’s borders. Milly  says:

“The personal development grant from the Yolanda Moore Foundation is allowing me to extend my time studying Arabic in Jordan by at least two months, which will make such a big difference in terms of me gaining skills and finding work supporting refugees more effectively. I decided to learn Arabic after volunteering with
refugees in France and Greece, and am aiming to continue my work in this sector after my time in Jordan. Being able to effectively communicate with people is especially important to me, and so valuable in crisis situations – I am so pleased that I’ll be able to take my language skills to the next level because of this grant, and that I’ll hopefully be able to make a difference because of it. I feel so fortunate for the opportunity – thank you so much!”

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